What is HUB 109 all about?

HUB 109 is all about providing benefit to businesses. Our mission is to help and support SME’s, entrepreneurs or intending entrepreneurs and recent graduates starting in business. We provide assistance to all those who are contributing to a making good economy, those who are seeking social, environmental as well as financial impact and to those who are working in a range of industries across the green economy, social enterprise, arts, social finances and creative ventures.

We provide businesses and start ups with an affordable and supportive incubator environment, compromising amongst other things affordable entry to workspace, meeting room, consultancy services, bid & tender support, marketing, design, IT solutions, resources, and events that support the enterprises of the community and the community members themselves.

Through learning and education we aim to build bridges overcoming the barriers to socially focused enterprise and entrepreneurship and become a platform for purpose driven activity by delivering a combination of hosting services to connect subscribers for purposes of sharing knowledge and information, providing lectures, workshops, programmes and access to business support resources, learning resources, incubators, accelerator programmes, investment and consultancy to complement the needs of the community.  

We work to promote, advocate and strategically position the needs & value of enterprises in the social and ethical sectors and sectors as a whole.  

Ultimately, we hope that our activities will not just benefit SME’s, startups, create jobs and opportunities for UK residents but also impact the wider community by creating wider benefits such as education, investment, training and knowledge base.