Urban Innovation Programme

Grow & scale your product/service/initiative with support, confidence and clarity.

Urban Innovation Programme supports growth of enterprises/initiatives that will catalyse urban rejuvenation. We are looking for incremental, sustaining, disruptive and radical enterprises across a variety of sectors, spanning but not exclusive to:

      • Transport
      • Education
      • 5G & IoT
      • Engineering & Design
      • Green Tech
      • Consumer
      • Professional Services
      • Healthcare
      • Sports & Leisure
      • Real Estate & Construction
      • Fintech
      • Manufacturing
      • Security
      • VCSE (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise)

The Urban Innovation Programme is the accelerator that will support you in building and scaling your existing start-up/initiative. From exploring how to develop and improve your existing product/service to identifying and engaging with investors, buyers, partners we will be with on that journey. This includes working on and helping you improve your existing skill-set further so that you can have a better product/service/process.

The programme is designed for:

      • Entrepreneurs who have a proof of market concept.
      • Innovators who are looking to improve their existing product/service.
      • Those who have built proven initiatives and concepts for social and community benefit.
      • Start-ups that are looking to take their revenue making venture to the next level.
      • Business owners who are looking to grow their businesses.
      • Executives/Senior managers leading a venture within organisation or looking to build an entrepreneurial business culture.
      • Investors and consultants working with start-ups and/or entrepreneurial business ventures.

The programme is also suitable for corporate entrepreneurs, employees or executives in family businesses, those involved in private equity, corporate venture capitalism, or working for business support organisations.

Urban Innovation focus

Over the last few years, we have seen the decline of our local Urban Centres first-hand. Pandemic, social and economic factors have accelerated changes and decline that are very visible. Challenges that urban centres face today range from most obvious such as unemployment, housing, transport to those that are less obvious and include education, ageing population, well-being and environmental threats. We are on a mission to support and grow innovative and viable start-ups/initiatives that will act as a catalyst in rejuvenation of Urban Centres. We are the first programme in the UK that focuses on solving Urban Centre issues through innovation and entrepreneurship and to deliver positive economic and social outcomes.

What will you develop:

You will develop the sharpness of vision, the agility and the mindset to:

      • Execute your best ideas.
      • Successfully compete against superior opposition.
      • Know when growth can be crucial for survival, but might endanger it at the same time.
      • Determination and decision making.
      • Lean to navigate terms and processes needed to manage frequent entrepreneurial tasks such as leading board meetings and raising venture capital.
      • Further develop your product/service/initiative.
      • Develop your personal skills and how you present yourself, product/service to variety of stakeholders.
      • Learn from other businesses on the programme.

Drawing on the latest in thought leadership, leading-edge partner research and real-world experience, Urban Innovation Programme is a transformative practical experience that will equip you with everything you need to scale and grow your existing product/service with confidence and clarity.

Benefit to you;

      • Explore how to improve your product/service
      • Increase your customer base
      • Build and transform your network and relationship building skills to interact successfully and effectively with partners, investors and customers
      • Discover how to organise, scale and grow your venture
      • Gain the knowledge to sell your idea effectively through pitching
      • Develop and access professional networks
      • Work with designers and developers
      • Access the knowledge base consisting of data sets, partner and collaborator support eco-system and investor network
      • Funded internship programme and free recruitment support
      • One-to one consultations and mentoring
      • Access to expert workshops


The programme is delivered over a period of 6 months. Participants will receive the support scaling and improving their product, service or initiative.

Urban Innovation Programme is run twice a year and the participants will get to attend a variety of sessions, expert talks and networking events. The programme is delivered and managed by experienced entrepreneurs that have launched and operated businesses/initiatives in the urban setting. Participants will receive extensive support and mentoring from individuals that have previously been on a same journey. Through peer-to-peer learning and external partner support participants will be able to develop their skills, knowledge and expand their professional network.

Programme is delivered in partnerships and collaboration with businesses, universities, local government and third sector organisations through a hybrid model of both physical and virtual methods.

Urban Innovation Programme

Applications for the Urban Innovation Programme Cohort 3 will open in September 2023.