All the reasons why you should choose HUB 109 as the space to work from?

Consider the variety of ways that the work place has evolved over the years and you will notice that flexibility is the key to that.

Sean director at Hub 109

By Sean Alimajstorovic

Co-working space in Erdington

There seems to be a sense that Birmingham and West Midlands generally are trailing the flexibility of office space offered in London or Manchester but that is not the case. If you were to look for coworking space in Birmingham you will find that there is plenty on offer. There are co-working spaces from major multinational companies as well as smaller providers, locations are also varied, from Birmingham city centre, Digbeth and Harborne to Northfield and Sandwell. Now there is a Co-working space in Erdington as well and it is called HUB 109, based on the High street and offering variety of packages for our clients. Whether you are looking for hot-desk to work from, dedicated desk, meeting room or virtual office address you will find it here.
Our core mission
Co-working space aside, HUB 109 is a lot more than that as our core mission is to support start-ups and SME’s in terms of advice, consultancy and networking opportunities. Our mission, and we did decide to accept it is to provide support and guidance to all those who are seeking social, environmental as well as financial impact for Birmingham and wider. HUB 109 co-working space is not just a space where people work from but it also a space where they get access to networking opportunities as this is something that is at the core of HUB 109. Creating a network of local businesses that essentially refer the work and clients to each other. One of the biggest barriers to new businesses is accessing these networks and overcoming obstacles.
HUB 109 knowledge base
Cost-effective solutions for businesses and access to networks in Birmingham and wider are just the start, what we also provide are the workshops and events organised here at the HUB 109 with the aim educating, training and inspiring all those who are contributing to local economy. Our aim is to create a knowledge base which can be used by all those businesses to improve their processes, cut down on costs and become more efficient with the aim of creating value in long term.
Experience of start up process
HUB 109 was founded from personal experience of start up process that finding the right and affordable space to work from, getting the support and advice as well as accessing professional networks and meeting the right people all present big barriers for new businesses. But the single biggest obstacle for start ups is the cost and inflexibility of workspace accommodation and we were convinced that we could help with that.
Advantages of being on High Street
Our premises have just been renovated and we offer not just the fibre optic Wi-fi but also use of our business address, so your business card says ‘109 High Street, Birmingham’. There is free meeting room use for our members as well as discount on meeting room day bookings available. When your clients comes to meet you the reception is staffed and free tea & coffee are included. With confidence we can say that there is no other co-working space in Erdington or Birmingham that offers the same pricing, facilities and business support.
co-working space at hub 109 in birmingham