Free business management software for Hub 109 members

Sean director at Hub 109

By Sean Alimajstorovic

As a start-up entrepreneur, it is so critical to focus on priorities that would improve the growth of the business.However, we end up spending majority of our time on operational activities.Maintaining myriad spreadsheets of tasks, contacts, sales invoices, purchase invoices, expenses and so on does significantly impact our focus.

We also had our own share of pain when we started. However, at this crucial stage, we had one system EXACT Online that enabled us operate more efficiently and effectively.

This system is an all-in-one accounting and CRM package. Together with Solenoid Augment Technologies we will try and help you manage and run your business better.

We use the professional services version that offers some great insights for our business. Having realised the benefits, we believe that it is invaluable to offer this system to start-ups and our members.

However, we do understand that most of us may want to better utilise our cashflow to focus on business growth.Therefore, we have developed a start-up programme for promising start-ups.

Through this, we offer six months free access to Exact Online accounting and CRM basic package. It is a one user license subscription along with one day of complimentary training.

For more info, please do not hesitate to contact Hub 109 team.