Benefits of having virtual office

The question on your mind may be “what is virtual office”?

Sean director at Hub 109

By Sean Alimajstorovic

The answer to that question may be a little vague but in essence virtual office is your business and mailing address. There are different virtual office services packages depending on the provider who may be offering a business address together with telephone answering service. Once you drill a bit deeper you will find various providers will offer packaged deals that include business address, mail forwarding and telephone answering with immediate message notification via email or text message. The term virtual office according to Wikipedia means provision of services, space and technology without those business bearing the capital expenses of owing or leasing a traditional office, so in layman’s terms it means having an office at a good business address without actually being there in person or paying a premium price for it. Virtual office services originally started around in 1960’s as serviced office models and have since evolved into offering a wide variety of services consisting of personnel, serviced office space and communications services.
What is so beneficial about Virtual office services?
Having spoken to business owners here in Birmingham we were told that there are number of benefits to having a good business address associated with your business and they are;
Protecting your privacy 
Number of small business owners have had bad experiences in the past when their company mailing or business address was their home address. The issues they faced related to a combination of security, legal and privacy issues. In terms of latter they were contacted on regular basis by various companies trying to sell them unwanted services or products. More seriously having a business registered at one’s home address made them a target for criminals who wanted to take their goods, equipment or tools. Furthermore, certain business owners were found to be in breach of their rental agreements by registering a business at someone else’s property, this seems to be the case with people who are tenants and have not been made aware of the fact that businesses cannot be registered at the property they are renting.
Impressing clients with business address
In HUB 109 case our address is 109 High Street, Birmingham which makes it a very desirable business address for a number of reasons. No matter what line of business you are in, once potential clients see you as being based on the High Street they will be impressed. Commercial properties on High Street are very big outlay and not many that are starting up in business will find the expense of basing themselves on High Street to be small.
Making your business look bigger than you are
Recently we had a chat with a small consulting company based in Birmingham which managed to present themselves as being a national company by using virtual office services. Even though their team only numbered 3 people what they did was to use virtual office services in major cities in UK and in effect pay the same or equal amount as they would for an office in one of those cities. They managed to work remotely and make themselves seem a lot bigger than they actually were and in turn increased their turnover by more than 500% in the first 2 years. So using virtual office is also a clever strategy for growing a your business and geographical area.
Virtual office is cost effective
Being cost-effective business at the start is one for the most important things that you can do in order to set yourself on the right path in order for your business to grow. Our virtual office clients have repeatedly told us that the only reason they are using Hub 109 is down to the fact that it is cost-effective and they can use those funds to promote their business in the beginning and also as the case has been if an existing business needs to cut overheads they can always scale down by reducing office rental associated expenses and use the money saved on something else.
Hub 109 provides the most cost-effective office solution for your business in Birmingham and wider, with years of experience we have found a right formula through a combination of low-cost services for virtual office to help your business grow or expand. So, if you are looking for virtual office in Birmingham that provides premium High Street address for your business and mailing handling services you do not need to look any further than HUB 109.
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