Bid writing & support for SME’s, Start-ups and Third Sector

As of July 2019 we are proud to announce the launch of our new bid writing and support service.

Sean director at Hub 109

By Sean Alimajstorovic

Any local and regional SME’s, Startup or Third Sector Organisation is more than welcome to use the service and we will be providing a number of options to make the whole process easier. If you are a business that is looking to grow, develop and succeed you can find everything that you need at Hub 109.
Why bid writing service?
The answer is simple, we want to provide support for the SME’s in Erdington and Birmingham as a whole because we think that we can do it better, we also think that we will provide excellent value and expertise but above all we feel that we can disrupt the existing bid writing and tendering ecosystem.
According to some research a lot of small businesses do not access finance or bid on tenders and even when they do only about 5% of them are successful. Hub 109 essentially is a provider of support and cost-effective solutions for small businesses in Birmingham and wider, so this was a service that was in pipeline for a while now.
Who will be delivering bid writing services?
We have partnered up with some exceptional bid writers and our bid support service is being headed up by Paul Hanna who is an experienced bid writer and well known for his expertise in Erdington, Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham. Paul will be the acting head of bid development at Hub 109.
So that’s the answer to who and why of bid writing, next question might be what are exactly bid writing services and for whom you will provide these?
The answer to that question might not be as simple as we like to think. Our bid support and bid writing service is aimed at SME’s, Startups and Third Sector organisations located in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and West Midlands with one aim and that is to help them succeed and grow.
The bid writing services
Hub 109 will provide a number of services in order to help businesses win those tenders.
DIY service.
We will be more than happy to provide you with relevant resources and free advice in order to start developing your own tenders and grant applications.
Do it with you. 
Our team will be more than happy to work alongside and help you develop your tenders and grant documentation.
Do It for you. 
The easiest option sometimes might be for us to do all the work, find the tender and follow the process from start until the end.
Training Provision. 
We can also provide workshops and improve your capacity to win tenders.
Free Consultation & Advice.
Hub 109 bid writing team will also give businesses free initial consultation and discuss their needs and wants before recommending a suitable course of action.
What can a bid writer do for my business?
A bid writer is the person who completes tender, grant or PQQ’ in order to secure contracts for your business. It takes special person do this job and it is one of the most important positions in terms of securing new business. A good bid writer will also actively seek out new opportunities and tenders that come on the market.
Our official launch date is 17th of July and it will be coinciding with Effective bid writing workshop at Hub 109. If you would like to find out more or meet Paul or myself during the event, the details can be found here.
Bid and tender planning meeting